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Emotional photographs.  That is the definition of music to me.  I try to understand an emotional picture of the idea my customers want to convey and then every sound the musician makes, every note I program, and every instrument used, must point at that picture.  If the emotional focus is blurry, the music isn't done.

The average Recording Studio captures your music, maybe offers a little advice on your sound, and sends you out the door with a unlabeled CD in your hand. Aunyx Productions / Blair Ashby is not interested in average. From the beginning, the goal was to do the very best we could, no matter the circumstances. That was 1992 and the digital recording studio revolution was just beginning. Now, we have some of the finest equipment available for digital audio recording. From the mics to the cables to the pre amps to the converters to the digital audio workstation and then back out again to the amplifier and studio speakers, no substitute for the best has been accepted.

All that fancy jargon just means we have some of the finest audio recording equipment in the world. But equipment is only part of what sets us apart. Aunyx Productions is also a great sounding building. Our recording studio and control rooms are large, with vaulted ceilings, hardwood floors and walls and a very natural sound. A poor sounding room can nullify the quality of even the best equipment. This is why we have a recording studio as good as the equipment in it.

For orchestration and song writing, we have many of the best sample libraries available. Sample libraries are real recordings of real instruments played by real players which are then triggered or played back using a music oriented computer language called midi. Don’t let that scare you, what it means is, if you want a world famous piano, cello, guitar or many other instruments on your recording, we play the notes on a piano keyboard or guitar and hear the instrument you want out of the speakers. Orchestration is frequently very dependent on the quality of the instruments involved. Aunyx Productions has many of the finest instruments in the world represented in our library. If you want world class instruments played by world class musicians on your project but you don’t want to pay world class prices, Aunyx Productions is ready.

The finest equipment and software in the world is only part of the solution though.  How these tools are used is the real difference at Aunyx.  I strive for my compositions to sound real.  Real as in sounding like the the finest musicians in the world played the parts real. Very small inflections, articulations and timing deference's are much of what make music sound like amazing musicians played it.  I put those into my work to make the performance all the more convincing. 

Lastly and most importantly, music is art. The comfortable studio environment, the attitude, the attention to detail and the absolute desire to have fun are the most important products we offer. Music is Art…have fun doing it.

Some definitions and about Blair
A Producer works with you to improve your music and make it a better reflection of your story. In an effort to make your music the very best it can be, the Producer will teach you to listen to music from many different perspectives and then ask (require) you to evaluate your music from those perspectives. A Producer will also push you to improve, not just your sound, but, also your story, your performance and your presentation.

A Producer/Engineer combines the talents of both the Producer and the Recording Engineer into one. This saves the client money by not having to pay two people and gives the client the advantage of having the big picture of the emotion more focused, making the music even stronger.

The Arranger/Orchestrater is the person who can reproduce the instruments needed for background tracks when a band is not available or affordable or, if the artist is unable to perform those instruments. The Arranger can also help write and orchestrate songs, even if the client doesn't’t have any song writing experience or musical ability.

Blair Ashby is a Producer / Engineer / Arranger / Orchestrater and Composer. In Aunyx Productions' 17 years of business, he has produced hundreds of projects, for artists, musicians, song writers, record companies, publishing houses, theaters, churches, and even non musical clients wanting to make some music based on ideas in their head. He has produced music of various styles, nationalities and abilities. He has taught recording lessons, DAW workshops and Production classes for individuals, businesses,   churches and bands.  He specializes in Orchestral, Smooth Jazz, New Age, Adult Contemporary, Christian and Instrumental music.

The goal at Aunyx Productions is your ideas, or your music being the finest it can be.  Both emotionally and in quality of sound.

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