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You have a band, a lot of talent and drive. But you notice you’re not going anywhere. Do you have an original sound? This is frequently the hardest part for a group to accept. When a song is written, whether by an individual or a group, the song writer(s) think their song is amazing. Meanwhile the audience is listening to the song and thinking “Do I need new tires for my truck?" or "What color shoes should I get for the dress I just bought? ”

A good music producer will drive you to be better.

A Producer works with you to improve your music and make it a better reflection of your story. In an effort to make your music the very best it can be, the Producer will teach you to listen to music from many different perspectives and then ask (require) you to evaluate your music from those perspectives. A Producer will also push you to improve, not just your sound, but, also your story, your performance and your presentation. A Producer will help you focus on the big picture not just the individual songs. It won’t be easy; it will be a lot of work. But, when it’s done, you will have a product that will get you noticed, that will make you stand above the other bands out there.

I have been a producer for over twelve years.  Through my education and the experience and know-how I have gained from years of working with many different artists, I will help you or your group get to where they want be musically.  It is not easy work and it is not always fun.  To be a better musician you must practice, analyze, practice, play, practice, analyze, practice…  Do you see a pattern?  As a producer I don’t think it is my job to tell you your sound; but rather, to gently and patiently guide you down the path towards your goal of being an original sounding artist.  Feel free to contact me about your project and see if together we can help you become the best you can be. Contact Us now.